new songs that will never get any farther than youtube

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new songs that will never get any farther than youtube Empty new songs that will never get any farther than youtube

Post  Temper56 on Wed Mar 31 2010, 23:21

I have recently just began to start writing my own music. So far I have finished two within the past week and I thought who better to get feedback from than you guys. So each time I finish a song I'm going to post it here and get some good feedback from you guys. If you liked it, anything you saw wrong, advice to make my later songs as good as possible. This first song is my newest of the two and doesn't have a title yet.

He had simple dreams but dreams they were, he chased them day and night He will do what ever it takes, to fullfill what hewants He will lie and cheat and steal and hurt whoever gets in his way For he knows what he wants and followed it till, he took advice from a friend

CHORUS: You can run while the sun sets in the western sky You can run forever but it keeps going by Stop kicking up the sand of time, for your not going nowhere Take a step back to where you began, and look down the other road

His friend grabbed by the collar and pulled him back Slap across the face and he put the facts on the line He said you got to live your life, dream aren't real When the facts are straight you'll be working in the field


I am, I have, I will always be a dreamer I know I've some wrongs in my life, done dreaming was one of them I am (i am), I have (i have), I will always be a dreamer

He had simple dreams, but dreams they were
He gave up dreaming, and wasn't the same
He left reality once, and when he left it twice
His dreams came true, and new hopes stepped in

That's the song. Took me three days to write. Any suggestions on a title?
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