Well, well :(

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Well, well :(

Post  Nukilik on Wed Feb 03 2010, 16:11

Actually I've been gone for a while already, but I have to say that I haven't yet solved my laptop problem, so still no digital art for me (I'll let you guys know about it as soon as I do).

But other than that, there's the fact that school just started and I'm now a senior at High School... time to start to worry about university and all (you can find out more about it in my last DeviantART journal) so I don't really know when I'll have the time to go back and keep working on those backgrounds... hopefully soon *sigh*

I'm sorry, I'd really like to help you guys more, especially at this point, but there's not much I can do at the moment. I really hope you understand! Again... sorry!

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Re: Well, well :(

Post  danielledear1 on Wed Feb 03 2010, 18:00


Well... I wish you could stay and help out with the backgrounds ):

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Re: Well, well :(

Post  VeniceGirl on Fri Feb 05 2010, 12:33

Ouch, that sucks... T___T
At the same time, it's understandable. I'm taking a beating in all my classes so...
Good luck with your university issues, and Senior year!

Hopefully you can get your laptop fixed up soon as well. I:

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Re: Well, well :(

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