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Post  VeniceGirl on Mon Aug 09 2010, 22:19

(For those who don't know, I went to visit Morgan this weekend. :3
WARNING: Lots of photos.)

Ugh, who are THESE two losers?
... Oh.
It's Morgan and I.

Yeah Photos P7230175

We went to the Indiana state fair.
Chocolate-covered bacon, anyone?
That's powdered sugar on it, too.

Yeah Photos P7220167

.... Popcorn!

Yeah Photos Thumbsup

.... Water!

Yeah Photos Heymorgan

Donut burgers. Made with Krispy Kremes. It was fun to laugh at.
Yeah Photos Donutburgerswhut

We also happened on Gen Con. I had no idea it was going to be there for my visit. Best bonus ever.
I don't think conventions are quite as scary anymore. ;3

Yeah Photos P7220155

Yeah Photos BlackButler

Yeah Photos LuigixPrincesses

Yeah Photos P7220152

Yeah Photos P7220163

This Jack was AMAZINGLY in-character. He was awesome.
Yeah Photos P7220157

Jareth mmmmm.
Yeah Photos P7220154

It was a fun trip. :3

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Post  Sweetalker on Mon Aug 09 2010, 23:40

OMG I just did a whole episode dedicated to the foodstuffs at the Indiana State Fair! (The descendants of the creator of Krispy Kremes lives in my neck of the woods.) Awesome pics.

But, eh, who is the dude in the pink supposed to be? The one carrying the Troll Hammer? Did anyone ask him?

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Post  cory on Mon Aug 09 2010, 23:47

Those two were Ice Climbers! Haha, it's funny that a guy did the pink one. xD

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Post  Kaya Tetsu on Tue Aug 17 2010, 15:30

Sweetalker! how could you not know who the ice climbers are!

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