M & B Pissed about the movie?

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M & B Pissed about the movie?

Post  Avatar: DoD on Fri Jul 02 2010, 02:14

Word is, they're pissed. They won't say this publicly, because Paramount/Nick owns their souls, but the behind the scenes talk is that they are much less than happy about what's been done to their source material.

Original source is here: http://community.livejournal.com/racebending/238333.html. But it's a protected entry, so here's an excerpt:

"So, after we got our book signed we were waiting by one of the front entrances and I overheard an employee telling a woman something. Since there were no more art-books left she was asking if there was anything else. The dude behind the counter told here there was this magazine, the one mentioned above, but he told her this with a warning... After she walked away I asked the dude behind the counter what he had told her, bcz I was a bit surprised at what he had said. What he told me was this, take of it what you will: "We [Golden Apple Comics] were told to not let anyone in line who had movie related merchandise, because Mike and Bryan were upset over the film and would only be signing items related to the TV show." A bit surprised, I asked, "Upset?" and was told, "Yeah, that's just what we heard –that's what we were told." "

"Anson: Benton spoke with Mike and Bryan briefly. He commended them for the accuracy and diligent research that obviously went into the cartoon and asked about how they felt about the controversy surrounding the feature. If I recall correctly, Bryan responded that if it had been his film, things might have been done differently, but that since it was not his movie, he didn’t have any control or say in how the movie got made."
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