hey guys I am leaving for a bit ...

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hey guys I am leaving for a bit ...

Post  cuteandperky on Mon Jan 18 2010, 17:32

Hey guys

I have so much on my plate right now at school I have even broke down to Sarah crying cause I have so much to do. I haven't been getting that much sleep so i have been getting an audittude and my Dad constantly having a do at me for it. I am gonna do the monolodge again IF I get anytime to do so.

To Venice I have done a kienya water tribe thing can you please hang on for a little big untill I am not a mess anymore...

Thanks guys I love you all but I don't wanna get ill because of everything. So I may be gone for a week or so untill the work gets managable ...

Amy <3 cuteandperky * Kienya ^^

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<3 you all ^^ Kienya-chan PEACE >__<
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Re: hey guys I am leaving for a bit ...

Post  danielledear1 on Mon Jan 18 2010, 17:36

well... ya gotta do what ya gotta do... enjoy your break ^_^

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Re: hey guys I am leaving for a bit ...

Post  Avatar: DoD on Mon Jan 18 2010, 19:43

Yeah, take some time off if things get too stressful... That goes for the rest of you to...

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Re: hey guys I am leaving for a bit ...

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