Be Back Real Soon

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Be Back Real Soon

Post  Annards on Wed Dec 23 2009, 01:22

I know I know, I haven't been on as much as I should have...but this month (year too) has been a real pain in the ass. More than ever we're really fighting hard for custody of my sisters, and for my dad to get full custody of me (Mom put me in advanced and AP classes when I shouldn't be, and it's in a different county, lovely)

My soon to be Uncle in Law just found out that his ex wife is going to be stationed (both in Air Force) in Japan for three years, and taking their daughter with her. It's a huge mess because he's been stationed with his current wife and their 2 year old son in Germany the past year, and hasn't been able to fight for custody of Alyssa (daughter) because they were divorced in Colorado. (Any charges of drunk driving -multiple cases- were dropped because she was in the Air Force, and..well...gotta love that :/)

Also, close friend of ours, Mike, hasn't seen his daughter in 8 months. His ex pretty much took the daughter away and left with no intention of coming back, but the courts have gotten ahold of her. Since then, she will NOT show her face, will not come to see the guardian ad litem (I'm dealing with one right now) and...god that's a mess too.

But I've had a bad mess in counselling too, and I really think it's a waste of time. The only reason I've been going is because the guardian said it looked nice to the courts, but I don't feel comfortable talking to them and I'll never be 'friends' with them and they can't do a damned thing if I don't want to do something...there's no action involved, it's just me spilling my beans to complete strangers and I get nowhere closer in ending this shitty divorce.

And my grandma won't talk to me anymore, but I'm trying to get a hold of my grandpa...and I've been working on projects for those AP classes I get my info back and forth between my classmates and I over deviantart, so you can pretty much catch me there easily.

My dad's court date to repeal what my mom LIED about to the magistrate is January 6th, yet the court date over beginning to review the custody issues is set for March, but nothing is set in stone.

I did get a break and got to see 'Avatar' when it premiered, and it was great...I swear, those kind of breaks are what keep my alive...I felt like I was really 'in' Pandora...damn reality.

That and my computer crashed too, and we just got it back up, sooo...I'm able to work on my projects too.

I'm working working working...and sleeping just a little bit inbetween. But I can't promise I'll be on as much until near the end of break, and even that's a stretch. I'm trying real hard :/

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Re: Be Back Real Soon

Post  QuadoftheHeart on Wed Dec 23 2009, 14:01

I hope everything turns out for the best for you, and that you have a wonderful holiday and we hear from you soon... <3 (:

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Re: Be Back Real Soon

Post  xxsoranxx on Wed Dec 23 2009, 18:04

im realllyy sorry to hear about that =[ I hope your christmas is spent well though...
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Re: Be Back Real Soon

Post  VeniceGirl on Thu Dec 24 2009, 17:37


Take your time.
And I hope you have a good Christmas!

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Re: Be Back Real Soon

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