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Post  Sweetalker on Sun Oct 18 2009, 22:10

It appears my old Cabin pics thread was Basketed ... sniff... or else I'm just not seeing it. I'm too lazy to look.

Anyhoo, here's the crazyness that was the Log Cabin this weekend. We're raising money to get the rest of the farm redone to look like it did hundreds of years ago.

On and off all day we had Indians attacking the farm, burning crops and killing babies. It was really violent and lots of fun. I was the "mother" of the group, Lyda (I've seen pictures, and I do bear a resemblance to her), living in the cabin with my husband Jacob, our 8 kids, and my elderly mother Mary -- who ends up kicking more butt than the rest of us, which I thought was pretty funny. That actress is in REALLY good shape. Eventually the Army comes to rescue us, summoned by one of the younger boys. (The woman playing Mary is the one kicking up her heels at 1:26.)

I got to shoot a 12 gauge single barrel from the 1800s, crossing my fingers that it wouldn't blow up in my face, screaming lines like "More bullets!" and "Yeah, you BETTER run!". Very tiring. (And those corsets are not comfortable. I feel so sorry for my ancestors.)

This is the cabin that Blue Spirit and I are hoping to use for a film this summer. We allowed them to use our hair/makeup people for this. We also found a new costume designer that we may use on the summer project -- she designed and sewed pretty much everything that everybody is wearing in these scenes.

You can see me at 2:05. What you can't see is that I wore my hair the same as Yasora's: . Again, thanks Cory!

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Post  bluespirit1 on Mon Oct 19 2009, 00:14


v. nice

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Post  VeniceGirl on Mon Oct 19 2009, 12:44

Whoa, that's so neat!

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Good luck with getting that cabin!

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