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Post  Avatar: DoD on Wed May 13 2009, 04:05

In order to get access to this forum and join the developers' team for the fan show Avatar: The Dawning Of Darkness, you must first get permission from one of the Administrators.

DO NOT try to create an account on this forum without getting permission first. You will be denied!

First, contact NuWatts or someone else on the show staff.
The best way to do this is by sending a message to TheDawningOfDarkness on YouTube.
You may also send an e-mail to
Doing both may help even more.

Whatever you do, please be patient and know that your account on this forum will be activated as long as you first get in contact with someone who can activate it for you!

In order to join, you must agree to the following membership rules:

  • All members of the development team are volunteers, so you will asked to contribute your time, effort, and skills without any sort of payment (unless we decide otherwise, of course!).

  • All members must be able to contribute something significant to the project. Being a fan of the show is appreciated, but it's not enough to get into the development team!

  • All members are expected to expected to be mature, intelligent, respectful, and familiar with the Avatar universe.

  • The development team uses a forum to communicate, share ideas, work on the episodes, and pretty much everything else. You'll need to know how to use a forum effectively, and you will be expected to log in often and read all forum posts.

  • All members have access to the same information, so you will be expected to read the episode scripts as they're written. This means that you'll know everything that will happen in the show before it's released, so it may "spoil" the show for you. If you would rather be surprised as the show is released, then don't join the development team!

  • All members are strictly required to keep all information relating to the show's development a secret! Much of the show will involve surprise twists in the plot, so any leak of the storyline would ruin the show for all the fans of Avatar who want to experience a brand new story. You will not be allowed to talk about details of the story's development with ANYONE not on the development team - not even yo mamma!

  • [color=cyan]The Leaders of the show retain the right to remove your membership from the development team at any time with or without reason. You may still be contacted to help with the show, but you will not have access to the forums any more. In the unlikely event that you are removed, you will still be expected to keep everything you know regarding the show's development a secret.
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